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The Cheesesteak House restaurant brand was born in the neighborhood of Oak Cliff in Dallas, Texas, and captivated the likes of North Texans since 2014. It is a popular stop for many Americans that are yearning for a delicious combination of cheesesteak burgers and sandwiches.

Our cheesesteak sandwiches are popular due to the process and proprietary recipe that runs in the Padilla family, the founders of Cheesesteak House.

Cheesesteak House was founded in February of 2014 by the Padilla family. When it first opened in the neighborhood of Oak Cliff in Dallas, Texas, the restaurant was a major hit. It didn't take long before additional Cheesesteak House restaurants were opened to fulfill the demand of customers.

Cheesesteak House

Franchising Opportunities

Thanks to the success of our initial Cheesesteak House restaurants, we're now able to offer franchising opportunities for investors and restaurateurs. across North America.

The Cheesesteak House brand has grown since it first opened its doors thanks to the business model, proprietary recipe and sauces, and by offering superb customer service.

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Our house is your house! Find your nearest Cheesesteak House and choose to dine-in or home delivery!